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We are committed to our mutual success, and value our partnerships with agents. Once a client books an International Wildlife Adventures trip through your agency, they become your client for life.  If they contact us directly about booking another trip, we will refer them back to you

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We recognize that being a travel agent requires a lot of work to keep up with new destinations, tours and cruises. As an agent, it's almost impossible to stay current on every type of trip out there.

That's where we come in! If a client calls and wants to go to Antarctica or see polar bears, you could spend hours researching all about the destination and the best way to go. Or, just call us! We've put together what we think are the best tours and cruises for adventure and nature travelers. We can help you and your client decide what is the best trip for them.

We'll make you look good!

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Learn more about our company here: About International Wildlife Adventures

Or, visit our blog, which is a great resource of personal experiences on many of our trips, along with some great photos.

We look forward to working with you!

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